Genuine American Alligator Heads from Louisiana Alligator Farms and Swamps, since 1990

Mighty and marvelous… The American Alligator exemplifies nature’s beauty and strength as it prowls through Southern swamps. A pristinely preserved American Alligator head on your bookshelf or desktop invokes nature’s inspiration in your home, business or office. 

Did you know… Alligator heads and novelty items support species and swampland conservation? The growth of this industry brought gators back from near-extinction in the 1970s. These repurposed gator heads come from alligators farm-raised for their meat and hides.

Alligator King heads are expertly prepared and preserved here in Louisiana. With 30 years of experience, we’re the most trusted purveyor of fine gator heads in the country. Marble inserts replace the eyes. Each Alligator King gator head comes with a Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries unique tag number used to track each alligator. 

Collect an awesome piece of America’s natural wonder!