Alligator King opens 1st brick-and-mortar store inside Gator Museum

conservation Gator Museum gift store

Attention alligator fans…. We’ve opened the doors to Alligator King’s first brick-and-mortar location inside the Great American Alligator Museum in New Orleans! 

The 70 million year old tale tracks the alligator from science to art to social history, exploring the fascination with America’s most iconic reptile. The collection traces the alligator’s dominion from prehistory (with fossils up to 70 million years old!) to the rise of alligator commerce and tourism.

Great American Alligator Museum

With the dawn of the industrial era, the alligator takes a turn north as gator-itis sweeps New York with the rise of the baby alligator trade and high fashion leather industry. This demand nearly wiped out the gator. Follow the campaign to the comeback story that pins the American alligator as the poster child for successful reptilian species management worldwide. 

Alligator museum exhibit

Catch gator cameos (and a few crocs) across cultures from pre-Incan civilization to Indigenous American, Cajun, New Orleans, West Africa and beyond. Explore romanticized reptilian artistic depictions in the world’s largest collection of alligator postcards, including a “private mailing card” featuring an alligator as an “Old Citizen” sent from New Orleans in 1900!

Alligator King gift shop

Be part of history in the making in the Alligator King store with your purchase of alligator novelty items that benefit alligator conservation.

Come by when you’re in the neighborhood! We’re open Thursday to Saturday, 3:00 to 5:30 PM. Donations welcome.  

2051 Magazine St, New Orleans, Louisiana 70130.

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