How to Hatch a Baby Alligator

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The miracle of life begins after 65 day incubation period. This little guy can have up to 90 brothers and sisters in one nest! 

Our friends at the Instigator Alligator Farm & Hatchery on the Northshore showed us the subtle techniques used to coax a baby alligator out of its warm oozy egg nest. 

The temperature at which the eggs are incubated determines their sex -- Eggs incubated at 93°F or higher become males, while those hatching at lower than 86°F become female.

Gators on the farm are raised for meat & hides. Making preserved gator heads and skulls gives a second life to gator carcasses, which would otherwise be discarded. These sustainable novelty items make cool souvenirs. Shop our alligator heads and alligator skulls in all sizes.

How to Hatch an Alligator Egg from Robert McDade on Vimeo.



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