Top 5 Gator Essentials for 2021

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2021 is here! As Earth moves into the future, how better to celebrate than hearkening our 70 million year old cohabitant: the American Alligator?!

New Year calls for fresh everday essentials. Our gator-themed toys and novelty items -- from pens to preserved heads -- inspire affection and curiosity in the world’s coolest reptile: the American Alligator. Get ready for the New Year with our top 5 gear, gifts & educational items for 2021. 


bendy ball pen

1  Bendy Ball Pen - This stylish bendable alligator ball pen is ready to take notes! Compatible with refillable ink cartridges, gator lovers will be styling all year long. Click to view.





2  Poo Gator Keychain - Squishy poo gator keychain makes finding keys a breeze. Give him a squeeze, and plastic gator poo comes out the rear. A cute, funny accessory for backpacks or key rings. Order here.



3 Alligator Head - Tis the season of learning. What’s more hands-on science than getting a close-up to a modern-day dinosaur and

the largest reptile in America?! Alligator heads are science classroom essentials and make a curio statement in eclectic home decor. From 4 inch to 18 inch heads. Shop sizes here.



Did you know -- the Alligator mississippiensis species is more than 70 million years old?



4 Gator Chomp Candy Lollipops - Gator Chomp Lollipops are a study break snack with a bite of fun. One end is a fruity flavor lollipop. The other -- extendable gator neck with a chomp! A fun snack and toy in one. Buy now.



alligator backpack

5 Stylish Alligator Backpack - Of course kids will need something to hold all

these items! This cute plush friend can carry ‘em all. His dark plaid feet & belly make him a stylish gift for the fall/winter season. See more.

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